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Article ID: 692385

Sexting: A Q&A on How to Talk to Your Children About Sharing Digital Content with Others

University of Alabama at Birmingham

A UAB pediatrician offers her advice for handling tricky conversations with your children about appropriate digital device use and sexting.

6-Apr-2018 4:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 692327

Amid Outcry Over Facebook's Privacy Issues, New Approaches Are Needed to Protect Consumers

Indiana University

Facebook's current privacy crisis and questions about how Google gathers, uses and stores our personal information demonstrate an urgent need to review and replace inadequate and outdated ways to regulate data and information, according to research from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

5-Apr-2018 1:05 PM EDT

Law and Public Policy

Article ID: 692213

The Dark Secrets of Social Media Dark Patterns

Michigan State University

Tweeting praise or criticism gives you more power - and can pose a greater potential threat - than you may know, according to Michigan State University research. Researchers looked at the "GamerGate" controversy to uncover how one angry social media user inspired thousands to join its movement, amplify its messages, cyberbully innocent users and ultimately get thousands more to participate … without the users even knowing it.

4-Apr-2018 10:05 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 691974

Neutral News Perceived as Biased Depending on Who Shares It

University of Utah

Researchers at the University of Utah and Konkuk University found that news stories are perceived as biased based on who shares that story on social media, regardless if the actual story is biased.

29-Mar-2018 3:40 PM EDT

Arts and Humanities

Article ID: 691968

From Civil War Letters to Instagram: Social Media Trends Are Nothing New

Cornell University

In a new book, Lee Humphreys, associate professor of communication at Cornell University, argues that the act of documenting and sharing one’s everyday life is not new – nor is it particularly narcissistic.

29-Mar-2018 2:05 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Showing results 6170 of 508

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