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Article ID: 697217

China Cracks Top 20 in Global Innovation Index

Cornell University

Cornell University, in conjunction with INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization, released the 2018 version of the Global Innovation Index -- a report ranking 126 economies on 80 indicators of innovative activities. For the first time, China broke the top 20 of the world's most innovative economies.

10-Jul-2018 11:10 AM EDT

Article ID: 697215

Bank Network Shifts Signaled Financial Crisis – and May Prevent Another

Cornell University

Cornell University assistant professor of operations, technology and information management, Shawn Mankad, found in new research that shifts in bank networks predicted the financial crisis of 2008-09 -- and similar shifts could predict a future crisis.

10-Jul-2018 11:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 697188

University of Utah Law Professor Aids in Creation of Main Street Growth Act

University of Utah

Research by Jeff Schwartz, a professor at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, has laid the foundation for legislation designed to promote the formation of venture exchanges as a way to rejuvenate struggling markets. The U.S. House of Representatives will discuss the Main Street Growth Act this week.

9-Jul-2018 4:05 PM EDT

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 697149

Expert Available to Talk About Tariffs and Trade Wars

West Virginia University

The real question about the U.S.-China trade war is how long it will last and which country will blink first, according to West Virginia University associate professor of political science Christina Fattore. President Trump’s assessment of the World Trade Organization as weak is driving his use of higher tariffs, which could drive up costs for businesses, and eventually, consumers, Fattore said.

9-Jul-2018 12:05 PM EDT

Law and Public Policy

Article ID: 697047

UCI awarded $5 million NSF grant to boost low-income engineering enrollment

University of California, Irvine

Aiming to increase the number of low-income engineering students specializing in advanced manufacturing, University of California, Irvine has won a $5 million National Science Foundation grant that will provide scholarships to nearly 200 community college transfers.

5-Jul-2018 1:05 PM EDT


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    5-Jul-2018 7:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 696861

Some of the World’s Poorest People Are Bearing the Costs of Tropical Forest Conservation


Researchers from Bangor University in the UK and the University of Antananarivo in Madagascar show that new conservation restrictions in Madagascar bring very significant costs to local people. In their paper published in PeerJ – the Journal of Life & Environmental Sciences, the researchers estimate that 27,000 people have been negatively impacted by the conservation project.

29-Jun-2018 11:50 AM EDT

Article ID: 696888

GE, Harvard Professor Advocate for More College-Corporate Partnerships to Build Workforce of Tomorrow

University of Vermont

For the first time in two decades there are more job opening in the United States than unemployed Americans. A lack of college-educated workers, however, could result in 20 million high-paying jobs going unfilled over the next decade. Leaders in business, education and philanthropy met at a summit at CFES Brilliant Pathways in Essex, NY, to address this critical economic and social justice issue by identifying strategies for helping students from underserved urban and rural areas become ready for the workforce of tomorrow.

29-Jun-2018 3:30 PM EDT

Article ID: 696862

UVA Darden CFO Roundtable Discusses Economic Metrics, Markets and Outlook

University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Washington, D.C., area CFOs shared insights on the key macroeconomic metrics they follow and discussed early balance sheet impacts of recent federal tax policy changes.

29-Jun-2018 11:05 AM EDT



Article ID: 696860

Is Venmo Making You Less Likeable?

University of Virginia Darden School of Business

New research from UVA Darden Professor Tami Kim shows that, among friends, people who pay the exact amount owed are liked less than those who round up or down, even if the rounded amount is less.

29-Jun-2018 11:05 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Showing results 6170 of 3225

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