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Released: 21-Jan-2014 11:00 AM EST
SDSC and Leidos to Help Develop New Cybersecurity Reference Architecture for Electrical Microgrids
University of California San Diego

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, is collaborating with Leidos (formerly Science Applications International Corporation) to develop a reference system architecture aimed at increasing security levels of microgrid control and IT systems used to manage electrical microgrids worldwide.

Newswise: Department of Energy Awards Contract to Detect Cyber Attacks on Utilities
Released: 14-Jan-2014 9:15 AM EST
Department of Energy Awards Contract to Detect Cyber Attacks on Utilities
Georgia Institute of Technology

Today’s cyber attacks aren’t just a threat to computer networks. Those with malicious intent can disrupt important infrastructure systems such as utilities. To counter this threat, the Department of Energy has awarded $1.7 million to help detect cyber attacks on our nation’s utility companies.

Released: 27-Nov-2013 11:00 AM EST
Writing the Rules of Cyberwar
IEEE Spectrum Magazine

With full-fledged cyberwar becoming an increasingly likely possibility in the 21st century, one cybersecurity scholar calls on nations to extend the rules of war to cyberconflicts.

Newswise: Creating Accountable Anonymity Online
Released: 7-Nov-2013 5:00 PM EST
Creating Accountable Anonymity Online
Iowa State University

Researchers at Iowa State University are working to add some accountability to online anonymity. They've developed a technology that offers anonymity for honest users and accountability for dishonest users.

Released: 7-Nov-2013 10:00 AM EST
Cybersecurity Algorithms, Techniques Being Developed Through Anthropology Methods
Kansas State University

Experts in anthropology and cybersecurity are examining the unspoken knowledge shared by cybersecurity analysts as a way to develop new automated tools that help analysts strengthen their cyber defenses.

Released: 6-Nov-2013 2:00 PM EST
Georgia Tech Warns of Threats to Cloud Data Storage, Mobile Devices in Latest ‘Emerging Cyber Threats’ Report
Georgia Institute of Technology

As more businesses find their way into the cloud, few engage in security measures beyond those provided by the associated cloud storage firm, a new report from Georgia Tech notes. Even fewer seek heightened data protection because of concerns that usability and access to remote data would be significantly reduced.