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Newswise — While marketing research can influence the thinking, decisions, and actions of different stakeholders (including the academy, society, students, and practitioners), the majority of marketing research aims for impacting marketing scholars and practitioners. Noting that the key to creating impact is through scholarly and marketer (managerial) relevance, this editorial (i) defines marketer relevance and scholarly relevance, (ii) develops a relevance framework for marketing scholarship, (iii) discusses the foundations with high scholarly and/or marketer relevance from Shelby D. Hunt’s contributions to marketing strategy and marketing management (MS&MM) research, (iv) discusses the special issue articles in terms of foundations from Shelby D. Hunt’s contributions and their original contributions, and (v) develops a charter – a strategic roadmap – for MS&MM research. The editorial concludes with suggestions for MS&MM scholars and acknowledgments.

Journal Link: Journal of Business Research