Newswise — Los Angeles, CA – August 8, 2016 – During the months of June and July John Tracy Clinic (JTC) welcomed 37 children and their families from 15 countries to its L.A. campus for three comprehensive International Summer Sessions. Based on parents’ post-session feedback, this year’s session series was a resounding success.

Many regions of the world today still lack ready access to audiology, auditory-verbal therapy and educational support services for young children with hearing loss and their families. JTC’s Summer Sessions help to address this service gap by offering guidance to parents from across the globe on how to develop their children’s listening, language and speech abilities and the pivotal influence of parents in laying the foundation for their young child’s communication success. JTC’s therapists, educators and audiologists help parents acquire strategies to promote their child’s educational readiness to attend school and communicate successfully with their hearing peers. In addition, the sessions afford in-person opportunities for families to share their experiences and ideas as well as bond with families from other regions of the world.

“The whole experience was enriching and empowering,” said Renuka and Ravi Patel, parents who traveled to Los Angeles from India to attend JTC’s International Summer Session. “Now [we] know what [we] have to do. It's we now who can actually make change for betterment of our kids. It's also wonderful to meet parents from all corners of world and know we are in this together. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and hope.”

“The best decision I have ever made since my son was diagnosed with hearing loss was to join JTC’s International Session,” said Parent Rachel Liu. “What I have learned is not only knowledge of how to teach my child to talk, but also I learned kindness, patience and confidence. I wish anyone who has a DHH [deaf or hard of hearing] child could join JTC.”

“John Tracy Clinic was an experience worth traveling across the world for,” said Rolla Khowies, who brought her family to JTC from Lebanon. “There was so much to learn. I met amazing people and interacted with experts, and most importantly, my daughter greatly benefited from being enrolled in such an amazing program. JTC was a dream and it came true!”

According to Anne McNally, director of JTC’s Worldwide Parent Education, “Each year, parents apply from across the globe to come learn how to become their child’s best advocate. Parents are our primary students who return home ready to promote their child’s abilities, partner with professionals, start parent movements and create change in their countries.”

About John Tracy ClinicJohn Tracy Clinic (JTC) is a leading non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, with a mission of providing parent-centered services to young children with hearing loss, offering hope, guidance and encouragement.

Founded in 1943 by Louise Treadwell Tracy and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, JTC is now one of the world’s most acclaimed private providers of audiology diagnostics, education, resources and support for families who have infants or young children with hearing loss. Today we serve more than 2,500 families annually.

John Tracy Clinic pursues four main goals:1. Detect hearing loss at the earliest possible time in a child’s life.2. Provide parents with emotional, social and educational support and resources to become confident advocates for their child.3. Provide each child with optimal access to sound, spoken language and social-developmental activities.4. Prepare children for spoken-language kindergarten classrooms.

Our services include comprehensive pediatric audiological evaluations, a parent-infant program, auditory-verbal therapy services, family and parent support programs, counseling services, worldwide parent education, an auditory verbal preschool, as well as professional education, including a master’s degree program in partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles.

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