The General Education Center, Chulalongkorn University, and the True Digital Academy, True Digital Group, have joined hands to develop curriculum, courses and training programs that will enhance knowledge and expertise in Digital Technology for Chula students and the public.   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul, Director of the General Education Center, and Dr. Chonnikarn Jira, Head of True Digital Academy, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the collaboration, with Prof. Dr. Parichart Sthapitanonda, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Social Outreach, as a witness.                               

The cooperation has officially taken form with the recent inclusion of the “Introduction to the Digital Age” course into the university curriculum.  The course is designed to enhance the learner’s knowledge and expertise in the fields of digital and technology to meet the expectations of the business sector and labor market in the 4.0 era, which reflects what Chulalongkorn University and True Digital Academy aim to venture towards. 

As part of the general education activities, Chulalongkorn University Values Integration Program (CUVIP), the “Introduction to the Digital Age” course will be available for Chula students to study online on the “CU Neuron” platform.   With a total learning length of 9 hours, the course touches base on 7 key principles in the digital field: 

  1. Introduction to Customer Experience 
  1. Introduction to User Experience 
  1. Introduction to Agile 
  1. Introduction to Product Management 
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing 
  1. Introduction to Data Analytics 
  1. Introduction to Coding with Python 

Students will get an overview of each skill, evaluate case studies from experts in each field of study, as well as take pre-tests and post-tests to assess the effectiveness of learning for the different topics. Upon completion of the course, registered students can also earn credits and receive a certificate from True Digital Academy. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul, Director of the General Education Center, stated that fostering digital technology skills is an essential policy for both the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, and Chulalongkorn University, to help potential learners be more ready for work and life. On behalf of the General Education Center, Chulalongkorn University, it is a great pleasure to work with True Digital Group and make the “Introduction to Digital Age” course become a part of the university’s general education activities. This is a milestone for Chulalongkorn University’s General Education Center to promote learning and digital technology skills, as well as produce E-learning curriculum on the “CU Neuron” platform, which encourages lifelong learning, produces graduates, and develops individuals in both degree and non-degree programs towards quality and sustainability. This collaboration is, therefore, another starting point for future knowledge transfer to society. 

Dr. Chonnikarn Jira, Head of the True Digital Academy, explained that True Digital Academy is a learning institute that aims to promote digital skills for personnel and organizations.  The academy has developed various courses covering important basic digital skills to increase digital literacy among Thai people, including the development of personnel in various organizations to be ready to support the transformation of business organizations in the digital era. The “Introduction to Digital Age” course is taught by experts working in top organizations and was created in collaboration with the General Education Center, Chulalongkorn University, to increase digital skills for the next generation. True believes that the cooperation will increase the potential and capabilities in digital technology for the new genertion people, allowing them to be more job-ready in the digital age, which is a major force in driving the nation’s digital economy.