Cicadas are once again beginning to overrun much of the East Coast. These teenagers – 17-year-olds, in fact – are emerging from their nymph stage, climbing trees, laying eggs and crooning their distinctive “song.”

De Anna Beasley, a recent doctoral graduate at the University of South Carolina, is an expert on cicadas, having published papers in peer-reviewed journals on their behavior (links here). She can speak with reporters about the cicada invasion, answering general questions as well as specific ones, such as the difference between 13-year and 17-year cicadas, brood I versus brood II, cicadas versus locusts, and the particular spices most commonly used to prepare these non-fat, high-protein insects as tasty snacks.

Beasley will be available for telephone interviews May 31, and June 3 through 7. Photographs of her working with cicada nests are available. To arrange an interview, contact Steven Powell, [email protected], 803-777-1923.

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