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June 5, 2018

Clinical Research Pathways Names Two New Directors

Newswise — ATLANTA, June 5, 2018—Clinical Research Pathways has appointed two new members to its board of directors: Anne B. Cropp of Early Access Care and Andrew McFadyen of The Isaac Foundation and Equal Access for Rare Disorders.

The former WCG Foundation, Clinical Research Pathways is a public charity that works to improve health and well-being for all by creating pathways to new medicines. The organization seeks to increase diversity in research, enhance access to new medicines and help make new, effective treatments available to the public.

“Anne and Andrew bring invaluable perspectives and leadership to the board,” said Marjorie A. Speers, executive director, Clinical Research Pathways. “We look forward to tapping their extensive expertise to further our efforts to open access and advance treatments.”

Cropp is a globally recognized expert in providing expanded access to investigational medicines. She is the founder and chief scientific officer of Early Access Care of Madison, Connecticut, a healthcare firm that helps biopharmaceutical companies develop and implement expanded access programs. A pharmacist and board-certified clinical pharmacologist, Cropp has 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug development, most recently as vice president in the global product development group of Pfizer Inc.

McFadyen is the founder and executive director of The Isaac Foundation and Equal Access for Rare Disorders, Campbellford, Ontario, Canada-based organizations that help patients and families who are dealing with rare diseases. He has led advocacy efforts on behalf of patients throughout North America and has helped shape Canada’s public policy on providing government funding for cost-prohibitive treatments for children who are dying of rare diseases.

Cropp and McFadyen join a board of leaders in academia, law, medicine, patient advocacy and pharmaceutical research and development.


About Clinical Research Pathways: An independent public charity, Clinical Research Pathways works to improve health and well-being for all by creating pathways to new medicines. The 501(c)(3) organization develops programs that increase diversity in research and expand access to experimental drugs. By opening access and advancing treatments, Clinical Research Pathways helps make new, effective medicines available to the public. For more information, go to www.clinicalresearchpathways.org. To sign up to receive news, click here.



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