Newswise — As the year draws to a close, Alzforum’s 13-part news series summarizes the state of the art on clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease. Last month’s CTAD conference in Boston hosted the data, and Alzforum pulled it together for you. Read how a big field accustomed to treating people with dementia is now retooling top to bottom in order to identify tens of thousands of cognitively normal people for prevention trials (part 1). Find out where patient registries, genotyping parties, mobile phone tests, and tau brain imaging fit into this drive (parts 2-5). Learn results from the first phase 3 efficacy trial on a BACE inhibitor, and from ongoing projects that have ramped up the treatment dose or trial length to boost the odds that an anti-amyloid antibody will work (6,7). Hear about plasma therapy, oligomer drugs, and generally get up to date on what candidate meds are in the running and which ones have flopped (8-12). Finally, consider a leading investigator’s plea to use nuance in reporting Alzheimer’s trial news, so that the field collectively has space to learn, improve, and energize the thousands of patients and site staff needed to develop prevention therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (13).