Newswise — After water, tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages around the world. Tea leaves and coffee beans are processed into stand-alone beverages, and they are also used to make extracts, flavors, and other ingredients for the bakery, processed food and beverage, and culinary industries. You’ll find black tea ingredients used in sauces and confections, green tea ingredients in smoothies and sweet baked goods, and coffee ingredients in seasoning blends and beer. Exhibiting companies in this category will show other innovative applications where coffee and tea add layers of flavor.

BRIDGING TRADITION AND innovation, family-owned Aiya has been producing Japanese matcha green tea since 1888. As a large producer, Aiya oversees all phases of production and provides conventional and organic grades for all types of applications, including culinary and nutraceutical. Aiya has the capacity to satisfy the expanding demand for Japanese matcha, offering in-depth global resources to support international clientele. Attendees are invited to learn more about Aiya’s 130-year journey and the versatility of its Japanese matcha tea. 
Aiya America,, Booth S1069

THE COFFEE BREWMASTERS uses a proprietary extraction technology
 to manufacture all-natural coffee and tea extracts used in ready-to-drink beverages, foodservice products, and newly developed applications that require an economical cost-in-use ingredient.

The extraction methods retain the full flavor profile of coffee and tea in highly concentrated liquid form. Unlike long steep batch methods and denaturing forms of extraction, the company has developed a natural process that produces a clean label and shelf-stable ingredient without the use of additives.

“Customers appreciate our ability to maintain the same authentic flavor profiles associated with their brand, whether served as a popular cold brew or hot beverage,” says Sean Baumgartner, managing partner. “Our expertise is extracting those distinct, naturally occurring flavors and providing ease of use, whether for the operator at store level or large-scale bulk industrial formulation.”

From single origins to tailor-made blends, The Coffee Brewmasters has a range of coffee and tea extracts that provides a versatile platform to build customized food and beverage products. 
The Coffee Brewmasters,, Booth N6713

SOUTH AFRICA–BASED Khoisan Gourmet will feature its Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder, available in two options: a light brown powder made from fermented rooibos, and the company’s Green Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder, an olive-green powder made from unfermented rooibos that, according to the company, contains more antioxidants than green tea or matcha.

A multifunctional ingredient, Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder can be applied in appetizers and entrées, pastries, cookies and cakes, frozen yogurt and ice cream, smoothies, pasta, seasonings, shakes, cereals, energy bars, alcoholic beverages, and ice teas. It contains no caffeine and is low in tannins. 
Khoisan Gourmet,, Booth S3927

JAVO’S EXTRACTION MASTERS and proprietary cold-brew extraction process work together to create collaborative solutions for a variety of customers, from quick-service coffee shops to global beverage brands. The company’s versatile process is not only easy and efficient but also supports small custom batches, meeting the demands of any size order. The process also allows for the production of scalable products that eliminate waste, reduce labor, and improve efficiency.

From precision extracts, ingredients, and concentrates to small batch hot and iced coffees and teas, Javo’s diverse portfolio is ever evolving. The company is proud to offer fair trade, rainforest alliance, kosher, and certified organic products. 
Javo Beverage Co.,, Booth S2370

SAMPLE SOME OF the latest on-trend tea and coffee formulations offered by Amelia Bay, a provider of quality brewed tea, and ask company representatives how to create a premium beverage with a clear appearance and pure taste that appeals to consumers. Available for sampling will be the company’s organic matcha green tea with pineapple and mango, premium brewed organic sweet black tea, premium brewed organic unsweetened black tea, and organic cold brew coffee with mocha.

Amelia Bay offers beverage manufacturers brewed teas that are clean label, easy to use, and can significantly reduce batching times. Formulations are simply blended in batch tanks, pasteurized, and can be hot filled or cold filled for a stable, finished beverage that is free from sedimentation or clouding. Whether customers are creating a new beverage brand or trying to reformulate for a cleaner label and more balanced flavor profile, Amelia Bay can provide assistance. The company can also help move a brand to multiple packing facilities and offer consistency from batch to batch across geographic regions. 
Amelia Bay,, Booth S1421

S&D COFFEE & TEA is focused on developing and delivering innovative coffee solutions to help drive beverage platform profitability for its customers. The company is a member of the National Coffee Association (NCA), a partnership that reflects an ongoing commitment to the U.S. coffee business. From whole bean to roast and ground, fractional packs to urn packs, S&D is focused on providing coffee in the size and format that meets customer needs. When it comes to the variety of blends that are ready to sell, S&D offers a catalog of coffees in a range of blends and price points. In addition to its range of coffee solutions, S&D offers tea products—created from the best blends and imported directly from the source—as well as a variety of extract and ingredient solutions. 
S&D Coffee & Tea,, Booth S1007