Josh Mugele, M.D. is an emergency physician and was the first Disaster Medicine Fellow at the Indiana University School of Medicine and through MESH coalition, a non-profit, public-private coalition located in Marion County, Indiana, (Indianapolis) that enables healthcare providers to respond effectively to emergency events

As the capstone experience of his fellowship Dr. Mugele was helping officials create disaster medicine systems at JFK Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia, Liberia, as the Ebola outbreak began to take hold.

Many health systems have broken down in West Africa as a result of lack of preparation and coordination among national health ministries, hospitals and other health care providers, even when funding was available at the national level for Ebola programs, Dr. Mugele said.

There are lessons in the African experience for American health care providers even though systems are much better equipped in the United States, Dr. Mugele said.

Dr. Mugele is available to discuss disaster medicine preparation, collaboration and coordination among health care providers in response to emergency events, as well as the impact of Ebola on health care workers.

Dr. Mugele can be contacted via email at [email protected]