Newswise — MOUNT VERNON, Iowa - Cornell College is proud to announce a new partnership with the Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. The partnership allows faculty from the Department of Economics and Business to annually nominate undergraduate students pursuing degrees within that department, and who are interested in earning a master’s degree in accounting, for conditional admission into the Mason School’s MAcc program. 

“We are excited to partner with Cornell College and offer undergraduate students the opportunity to continue their education through our Master of Accounting program,” said Mason School Dean Larry Pulley. “The Mason School has a rich history of welcoming students from a variety of disciplines and we are confident that our advanced business education will be a positive chapter in their professional journeys.”

Cornell College students nominated under this agreement may receive conditional admission into the MAcc program before they earn their undergraduate degree, but may not begin the graduate degree program until their undergraduate degree is earned, and all prerequisites and admissions requirements are completed.

“We are delighted about the opportunity to partner with one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious institutes for higher learning. William & Mary offers a top-tier graduate program in accounting, and we are thrilled that Cornellians interested in accounting careers will receive a warm welcome there,” said Professor and Co-Chair of the Cornell College Department of Economics and Business Santhi Hejeebu. “It’s enormously gratifying for Cornell College to have partnerships with university graduate programs. These are strong votes of confidence in the Cornell College experience. Seamless access to advanced training means greater professional and economic opportunities for our students.”

William & Mary’s MAcc is open to both accounting and non-accounting undergraduate majors. On average, approximately one-third of each cohort are admitted with backgrounds in finance, economics, general business, engineering, international relations, government, religious studies and art history, among others. The nine-month, two-semester program prepares graduates to enter the job market with the requisite 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam and the technical and professional skills that will be integral to their careers in business.

“Our hope is to build this partnership over the next several years to provide the opportunity to Cornell College undergraduates to earn their Master of Accounting degree, in just one year, qualifying them to enter an in-demand profession that serves as an outstanding launching pad for just about any business career a student can imagine,” said Marc Moyers, Mason School Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting and MAcc Faculty Director. “The technical and professional skills Cornell students will develop in this program in combination with the solid liberal arts background provided by Cornell College, will allow them to excel in an ever-changing business world.”

Cornell students with questions about this new program can email Professor Hejeebu at [email protected].

About Cornell College:

Cornell College is a liberal arts college of approximately 1,000 students in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Cornellians have been living, learning, and teaching on the block plan, One Course At A Time, since 1978. Each 18-day course can take students and professors off-campus and even out of the country due to the block’s flexibility, and students fully immerse themselves in their topic of study, taking field trips, diving into research, creating an art exhibit, or exploring issues in the local community. With students from 48 states and 18 foreign countries, as well as renowned faculty, speakers, and entertainers, Cornell offers the world from its campus.

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