Dr. Laura Shannonhouse, assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services at Georgia State University, is available to discuss how people should respond in the wake of a crisis/disaster, such as the recent Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

Her research interests include crisis intervention and disaster response. Here are some details about her expertise:

  • She is conducting research with disaster impacted populations. She and her co-authors wrote the Spiritual First Aid (SFA) manual, which involves a model to equip members of faith-based communities to provide spiritual and emotional care for disaster survivors at a critical time. The model is called SOULS CHAT, which enables caregivers to assess commonly impacted areas of functioning and intentionally tailor responses according to needs, fostering positive religious and spiritual coping. This constructive coping aids survivors in making meaning and growing from adversity.
  • Her research has been inspired by her clinical experience (crisis center, cancer center and college counseling center) and clinical outreaches (grief from Mexican daycare center fire disaster, drought and illness-related trauma in Southern Africa, post-earthquake Haitian refugees, post-Katrina school teachers and faith-based communities in post-flood Baton Rouge, etc.).

If you’d like to speak with Dr. Shannonhouse, you’re welcome to contact her directly at [email protected] or 404-413-8167.