Bakman Technologies demonstrates the first truly portable frequency domain THz spectrometer capable of measuring Doppler-limited transitions in gas mixtures. Initial results showed that it should be possible for an unmanned aircraft equipped with a THz spectrometer to perform point detection of pollutants and other gases. While the first flights were conducted on a multi-rotor consumer drone, future tests and integrations will likely be done on fixed-wing, semi-autonomous aircraft. We are currently in the process of wrapping up the Phase I portion of an NSF grant. Check out our new video on how the project has developed. 

About Bakman Technologies:

In December 2014, as part of a general corporate restructuring and change of board control, several divisions of Emcore Corporation were divested and spun off. The Advanced Photonics Division, which included their THz products and technology, was sold to Bakman Technologies LLC. At the time of the spin-off from Emcore, more than ten years of THz component and instrument development had been performed. Bakman retained all of the designs, trade secrets, inventory, capital equipment, and an intellectual property portfolio of more than thirty patents, both US and international, related to the THz photomixing technology. The primary focus of Bakman Technologies is to develop and manufacture low-cost, in-situ, spectroscopic THz sensors for various applications including: air pollution monitoring, industrial controls and research and development. 


Grant No Link: 1721831