Law Professor looks at the legal structures in the Game of Thrones

David P. Weber, Creighton University Professor of Law

Studio Interview available on the LTN Global Network at Creighton University Studio

With the season premier set for April 14, Weber offers an interesting analysis on the legal topics presented in the fictitious epic, highlighting their stark differences and startling similarities to our current laws and customs. 

The laws that govern a society in which dragons, magic and constant treachery are the norm may feel shockingly different from our own, but the more you watch the HBO series Game of Thrones, the more you realize there are more similarities than we may prefer to acknowledge.

“Fundamental questions about the treatment of criminals, the free movement of individuals, life in a warring nation, the right to self-determination, gender equality and many more arise and are dealt with in the background of the ever-present quest for power,” writes David P. Weber, Creighton University professor of law in an examination of the legal structures in place in the hit show in the Creighton Lawyer magazine.

A larger article, “Legal Structures in the Game of Thrones: The Laws of the First Men and Those That Followed” was recently published in Vol. 70 of the South Carolina Law Review



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