Newswise — The $300 million ongoing increase in funding for the California State University (CSU) proposed by Governor Newsom will allow CSU to provide increased access to a high-quality education to more qualified students, continue to improve student achievement and reduce equity gaps.

“In his first budget proposal, Governor Newsom reflects his commitment to reinvesting in higher education and the California State University,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “This marks the single largest proposed investment by any governor in the history of the university, and we are extremely appreciative of Governor Newsom’s bold investment in us.

“Previous investments are paying off as student success across the CSU has never been higher. With the fifth largest economy in the world, California continues to reap the benefits of those investments. Many of the more than 125,000 people who earn degrees from a CSU campus every year go on to become leaders in industry and their California communities.

“Governor Newsom called for Californians to prove that people of good faith and firm will can still come together to achieve big things. The CSU is the key to the state’s future, and there is no better investment for the California he envisions. We look forward to working with the governor and his administration to achieve his goals of a California for all.”

In his January 2019-20 budget proposal, Governor Newsom proposed an ongoing increase of $300 million for the CSU to fund Graduation Initiative 2025, enrollment growth and employee compensation and mandatory costs.

The governor is also proposing one-time allocations of $247 million to assist the university in addressing a growing backlog of maintenance for aging facilities across the 23 campuses, and $15 million to help support the basic needs of students.

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