Newswise — For the first time, a power outage has been linked to a malware attack. The December 23, 2015 power outage in Ukraine was linked to a hacking tool BlackEnergy. “Over time, BlackEnergy has evolved to be a swiss army knife for cyber spies,” commented Dr. Ray Klump, professor and chair of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Lewis University.Find out how the attack was possible in his blog post “First Malware-Induced Power Outage Confirmed.” He talked about the code insecurities of power grid in another post, “Ukranian Power Outage Appears To Be Caused By a Cyber Attack.” Read more about Dr. Klump's expertise in securing the power grid at Lewis University offers a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, with concentrations in Cyber Security, Web and Mobile Development, Data Science, and Video Game Development. It also offers minors in Computer Science, Cyber Security Science, Data Science, and Web and Mobile Application Development. At the graduate level, it offers a nationally recognized for a Master of Science in Information Security program, which includes an innovative fast-track that enables students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. A master's degree in Data Science is also available for students who wish to learn more about Big Data. A new Master of Science in Computer Science will start in August 2016.