California Academy of Sciences honors Dr. Eugenie C. Scott

Newswise — It's better than an Oscar. The NCSE's Dr. Eugenie Scott has received the California Academy of Sciences' highest honor: the Fellows Medal. The Medal recognizes Dr. Scott's "...many important contributions to science, education, and evolution, and for her tireless efforts to safeguard scientific integrity in public life."

Only 46 Fellows medals have been awarded since 1964. Dr. Scott joins a select club that includes Dr. Paul Ehrlich (author of The Population Bomb and dozens of other books and papers about population, the environment, and public policy); botanist Dr. Peter H. Raven (a key figure in the study of coevolution); famed evolutionary biologist Dr. G. Ledyard Stebbins; pioneer anthropologist Dr. F. Clark Howell; and long-time science journalist David Perlman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The other 2009 Fellows Medal winner is Darwin scholar and evolutionary biologist Dr. Michael Ghiselin. Dr. Ghiselin has been a Senior Research Fellow at the California Academy of Sciences for over 25 years.

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List of Fellows Medalists

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