Newswise — South Burlington, VT – Data Innovations (DI) and STS announced a strategic partnership to deliver automated and intelligent rules verification testing for Data Innovations’ industry-leading Autoverification solution from their flagship lab enablement platform, Instrument Manager.

With the now-combined services and solutions capability, new or upgrading Autoverification lab customers will drastically reduce time-to-deployment for rules implementations. Further, the automated testing increases rule accuracy, and creates inspection-ready documentation. 

 “We are excited that DI has selected STS to provide intelligent rules verification testing for new Autoverification customer implementations,” said Jennifer Lyle, CEO and Founder, STS. “Our strategic partnership represents a game changer for DI customers by reducing their testing effort, speeding up deployment, while increasing the quality and depth of testing,” said Lyle.

According to Angela Martin, Laboratory Information System Manager, Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY, “With STS we know that all of our autoverification rules/value list combinations are thoroughly and deeply tested. STS accelerated our ability to complete projects faster and with greater quality assurance.”

“Data Innovations is deeply committed to excellence in patient care. Our partnership with STS gives our customers the ability to quickly realize benefits from Autoverification using Instrument Manager, so the lab can focus on what matters most: their patients.” said Premila Peters, President, Data Innovations. 


About Data Innovations: Data Innovations provides vendor-neutral software and solutions for clinical labs to optimize performance across all disciplines.  With key solutions spanning lab connectivity, productivity, quality, performance and reliability, and analytics, Data Innovations is credited with establishing the lab enablement software space, and driving vendor-neutral solutions within and across labs. They are a global software company, serving 6,000+ hospitals and laboratories in 85+ countries.


About STS: Founded in 1999, STS delivers the most complete and sustainable program for clinical laboratory software verification. Our unique blend of application-specific automation and laboratory expertise boost staff productivity and give laboratories greater confidence in the ongoing integrity of their information systems.  STS provides software verification solutions for middleware rules verification, laboratory information systems and blood bank systems. With experience in over 250 laboratories and growing, STS takes laboratories to the next level in quality assurance and optimization of their complex applications.