Newswise — Reston, Va. — The April issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR®) highlights radiology challenges and opportunities in evolving health care delivery systems and more widespread use of emerging technologies in modern medicine.

Articles include: Role of the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance in Optimizing CT for the Evaluation of Lung Cancer Screen-Detected NodulesJames L. Mulshine, MD, et al. The authors summarize the activities of the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance to define a process for reliable and accurate quantitation of pulmonary nodules in the management of lung cancer care, especially with CT-based lung cancer screening.

Radiology Order Decision Support: Examination-Indication Appropriateness Assessed Using 2 Electronic SystemsErika Schneider, PhD, et al.Only 40 percent of MRI and CT orders in this study seemed to be supported by guidelines; thus, implementation choices dominated comparison of the 2 commercial systems, including appropriateness rating, prediction of insurance outcome, and user experience and acceptance.

Imaging Guidelines: Challenges in Identifying, Engaging, and Collaborating with Stakeholders Michael A. Bettmann, MD, et alFor clinical imaging guidelines to be universally accepted and used, groups that create guidelines must collaborate with each other and those that can support their use on development as well as regulatory roles and mandates.

The Risks of Innovation in Health CareDieter R. Enzmann, MD“Adapting” or “innovating” in health care or radiology means running two types of experiments which carry significantly different risk profiles on the basis of an evolution analogy.

The Imaging 3.0 Informatics Scorecard Marc Kohli, MD, et al.Radiologists who adopt Imaging 3.0 concepts in their practice can help their health care systems provide consistently high quality care at reduced cost. Informatics is critical to embracing Imaging 3.0. This scorecard that can be used to gauge a radiology group’s informatics resources and capabilities.

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