The UN released a more than 300-page report Monday detailing horrible wide-spread human rights abuses in North Korea and is recommending leader Kim Jong Un be called to the International Criminal Court to be held liable for the crimes against humanity.

Villanova University's A. Maria Toyoda, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science and expert on East Asian Politics says, "the likelihood of prosecution or any punishment is very low."

She continues:

"The UN Human Rights Commission is recommending that the report be referred to the ICC. China will surely veto this at the Security Council. Moreover, we know that past leaders who have been singled out for crimes against humanity rarely get their day in court. For now, this is a report that has moral force, but without the power or will to back that up, there isn't much the international community and human rights groups can do."

Professor Toyoda is available for media interview and is able to expand upon her thoughts.