Newswise — A recent study suggests a link between consuming processed foods and an increase in cancer diagnoses.

Stony Brook Medicine Chief of Nutrition Division, Josephine Connolly-Schoonen, PhD, shares her expert tips for a healthy diet to decrease the likelihood of getting cancer:

  1. A whole diet approach is optimal for decreasing risk for cancer
  2. Increase natural sources of fiber and antioxidants, especially vegetables, beans, 2-3 pieces of fruit and some whole grains 
  3. Reduce refined/processed foods
  4. Eat more fish, chicken and plant proteins such as beans
  5. Eat healthy fats, especially olive oil and also nuts/seeds, avocado; use more of these fats while reducing other oils and processed fats
  6. Make changes in diet at a pace that can be sustained


About Josephine Connolly-Schoonen

Josephine Connolly-Schoonen’s expertise is in the area of nutritional management of obesity and chronic illnesses from the individual and community level. In addition, she directs the Stony Brook Dietetic Internship Program and a series of community nutrition projects funded by the New York State Department of Health since 1994. She is also the author of  Losing Weight Permanently with the Bull’s Eye Food Guide (Bull Publishing, 2004).