Newswise — Consumers are beginning to understand the link between gut health and overall wellness. IFT18 exhibitors in this category know that dietary fiber plays a major role not just in promoting gut health, but also in supporting weight management and heart health.

AS AN FDA-APPROVED, branded soluble fiber ingredient, Sunfiber (sourced from the guar bean) has strong prebiotic characteristics that stimulate health-promoting indigenous gut bacteria such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, Sunfiber has been shown in more than 120 clinical studies to support digestive health without uncomfortable side effects. The soluble dietary fiber helps with occasional constipation and helps to reduce occasional diarrhea, returning stool content to a normal, healthy state. Health Canada has approved it for use as a dietary fiber source based on safety and clinical evidence that the addition of Sunfiber to foods results in reduction of postprandial blood glucose levels by more than 20%. Sunfiber also boasts Health Canada–approved claims related to its effectiveness in treating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, as well as its ability to relieve intestinal issues related to childhood constipation.

Resulting from the unique partnership between Taiyo’s Sunfiber and Fruit d’Or’s Cranberry Juice Powder, SunCran provides prebiotic fiber benefits combined with cranberry juice benefits, without the sugar. It can be used in functional ready-to-drink beverages, bars, stick packs, and powders. SunCran harnesses the science behind two ingredients with well-documented, scientifically validated benefits. A just-completed human clinical study from researchers at Rutgers University showed significant benefits for digestive and urinary tract health. 
Taiyo International,, Booth S3820

A PREMIER LINE of soluble dietary fiber ingredients, Fibersol offers support for nutrition, weight management, sugar reduction, satiety, and gut health. The Fibersol ingredients benefit from the strong technical and scientific expertise of the ADM/Matsutani team and are backed by reliable service and supply. They are available in a variety of formats, including dry, liquid, agglomerated powder, and non-GM.

A prebiotic fiber fermented by microflora in the colon, Fibersol is digestion resistant. It provides potential benefits for gut health and can support “good-for-you” structure/function claims for qualifying products. Clinical studies show Fibersol helps support or maintain intestinal regularity and helps control the rise in blood glucose after a meal. The studies also found that Fibersol may attenuate the rise in blood triglycerides following a meal, and when 10 g are consumed with a meal, it may increase satiety. 

Fibersol offers many formulation benefits, including minimal viscosity; no added flavor, taste, or color; and low hygroscopicity in dry formulations. Fibersol-2 is 90% fiber, provides only 0.02 g of sugar/g and 1.6 cal/g, and can replace many of the non-sweetening functional properties of sugar. It is water soluble and forms a clear solution. It is also heat-, acid-, shear- and freeze/thaw-stable, and maintains its fiber content under those conditions, thus allowing for ultimate formulation and food processing versatility. Enhanced positive organoleptic attributes are reported for Fibersol-2, including improved mouthfeel and bitterness masking, but it contributes no flavor of its own. 

LOOKING FOR A dietary fiber that is functional, clean label, has digestive health benefits, and meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s fiber definitions? BEST Pea Hull Fibers, dry milled from the outer seed coat or hull of peas, may be just what is needed. BEST Pea Hull Fibers are 90% total dietary fiber with a natural balance of insoluble/soluble fiber. BEST Pea Hull Fibers may be used to hold water and provide binding and structure in baked goods, both wheat-based and gluten-free; as a nucleation agent in twin and single extrusion; as a binder in processed meat products; and as a fiber additive in dry beverage mixes. Additionally, recent research has shown that adding pea hull fiber to the diet improves gut health through modulation of gastrointestinal function and gut microbiota. BEST Pea Hull Fibers meet the FDA’s definition of “intrinsic and intact” dietary fibers, as listed in the November 2016 Guidance for Industry, which means the fiber content from pea hull fibers may be included when calculating a claim. These fibers also carry a Canadian Letter of Approval from the Health Canada Bureau of Nutritional Sciences.

Pulse-based spreadThe BEST ‘Oat ‘n’ Lentil’ Puff, a prototype snack made with just four ingredients, celebrates Best Cooking Pulses becoming a part of Avena Foods. This “clean and clear,” plant-based, healthy snack is certified organic, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GM. It demonstrates how a proprietary flour blend made with BEST Oat and Lentil Flours and BEST Pea Hull Fiber can be used to create a tasty product that is naturally nutritious. The complementary amino acid profiles of BEST Oat Flour and BEST Lentil Flour are combined into a flour at the optimum ratio, increasing the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score), and therefore maximizing the total quality protein. This results in a snack with a “good source of protein” claim. Best and Avena invite attendees to be a part of their Complementary Duo celebration by dropping by and sampling the BEST ‘Oat ‘n’ Lentil’ Puff. 
Best Cooking Pulses,, Booth S2220, and Avena Foods, Booth S3827

A MULTIPURPOSE CREAMER, FiberCreme has high fiber content with a great creamy taste. FiberCreme is included in the high dietary fiber category due to its 30% fiber content (AOAC 2011.25), which helps to ensure adequate dietary fiber intake for a healthy digestive system. The fiber content in oligosaccharides, which are low-calorie, also helps to control the sugar intake in diabetic patients because the sugar content in FiberCreme is 1.81% based on sugar content testing from an accredited laboratory. Based on the company’s clinical study on humans, FiberCreme showed slower-release glucose response when compared to glucose, making it very suitable for diabetic patients or people who want to lose weight while getting the satiety effect. FiberCreme can be used to substitute for creamer, coconut milk, and milk in applications such as coffee, smoothies, fruit juice, herbal drinks, ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, pasta sauce, and more. 
PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo,, Booth S5218