Dr. David Perry, associate professor of history and coordinator of the Catholic studies minor at Dominican University, is a specialist in medieval history and religion.

In addition to insight on Boniface VIII's "Liber Sextus I VII 1" - findings on papal resignation - Perry offers a contemporary perspective on the historical significance of the resignation.

Perry says:"When Pope Benedict XVI announced he was retiring, the first question for many was, 'Can a pope retire? Can he even do that?' Medieval canon law tells us that yes, he can. But medieval history also tells us why so few popes have done so and that each retirement has had majors consequences for the Church and the legacy of the outgoing pontiff."

Perry is a frequent commenter on both historical and contemporary issues. He has been a contributor for CNN.com and numerous history and culture publications.

Academic background:PhD, history, University of Minnesota MA, history, University of Minnesota BA, history, Wesleyan University


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