Dr. Daniel Golden is a brain cancer expert. @uchicagomed #mccain #glioblastoma

Article ID: 678173

Released: 19-Jul-2017 8:05 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: University of Chicago Medical Center

Expert Pitch

Newswise — As a radiation oncologist, Daniel W. Golden, MD, provides highly skilled care for patients with a range of cancers, including brain, head and neck, lung and genitourinary malignancies. He also uses targeted radiation therapy to treat benign conditions. Dr. Golden has expertise in many radiation techniques and focuses on minimizing damage to normal tissues.

His research focuses on malignancies of the central nervous system, as well as head and neck and gastrointestinal cancers. He also is active in medical education, teaching and mentoring medical students and residents and developing clinical radiation oncology educational curricula.

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