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DRG® Hepcidin 25 (bioactive) HS Elisa to Showcase at 2018 AACC (Booth# 3438)

-This revolutionary testing kit will be on display, with DRG scientific team on hand for in-depth discussion-


Newswise — Springfield, New Jersey, USA (July 2018)- DRG International, a leading international medical diagnostic company, will showcase the NEW DRG® Hepcidin 25 (bioactive) HS (High Sensitive) ELISA Kit (EIA-5782R) at the 2018 AACC Conference in Chicago, Illinois from July 29 – August 2.  As the first of its kind to market, this kit accurately detects bioactive Hepcidin levels as an additional marker to aid in identifying a variety of disorders.  In recent years, a large number of publications identify Hepcidin as a factor in regulating the amount of iron in humans.  Unbalanced iron level can lead to many common medical conditions including anemia and iron overload disease, and can occur in chronic kidney disease, inflammation, or diabetes mellitus.

“We at DRG International saw the need for an accurate and easy to use Hepcidin testing kit and are encouraged by the great success that our research customers have seen using the product,” stated Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, the late founder, President and CEO of DRG International. “This kit is an important step to meet the rapidly growing worldwide interest in Hepcidin testing and the applications of that testing in the health and wellness community.”

The DRG® Hepcidin 25 (bioactive) HS ELISA Kit is available worldwide, providing a simple, fast and accurate method to test Hepcidin levels. DRG currently holds 17 US and International active patents on this product. The measurement results of this kit offer more information to help treat medical issues including iron deficiency diseases, which are some of the most common diseases worldwide. The kit is for Research Use Only (RUO) in the United States and is also CE marked.

DRG International will be showcasing at the AACC in Booth-3438.  Press inquiries are welcome. For more information, please contact Gregory Guest (Marketing Manager for DRG International) at (973) 564-7555.


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