The DRG:Hybrid-XL® will be showcased as the centerpiece of DRG International’s display at the 2014 AACC conference in Chicago, IL. The AACC, held from July 27-31, is the premiere conference of its type, welcoming all the leaders in the clinical chemistry field year after year. The DRG:Hybrid-XL® desktop analyzer is now available in the market worldwide and has revolutionized automation for laboratories. It is suitable for small to medium-sized laboratories, providing diagnostic services to research facilities in hospitals, clinics and large medical practices.

The innovative technology of the DRG:Hybrid-XL® allows the simultaneous measurement of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters, including turbidimetric tests in one sample. The technology of the DRG:Hybrid-XL® has never been seen in an instrument of its size, and combined with DRG’s suite of testing kits tailor made for the unit, orders have begun rolling in from around the globe.

“The DRG:Hybrid-XL® allows laboratories to conduct specific testing on-site,” Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, founder, president and CEO of DRG International. “The DRG:Hybrid-XL® provides faster and more accurate test results with greater convenience. Our technology combines the ability to analyze both immunodiagnostic parameters, as well as clinical chemistry tests, which would otherwise require two separate processors.”

The DRG:Hybrid-XL® is also ideal for high work-load labs performing routine and niche diagnostic parameters on large automatic equipment. The machine works in tandem with DRG kits to test for a wide range of issues in areas such as gynecology, oncology, pre-natal supervision, cardiac markers, infectious diseases, and other common diseases.

DRG International will be showcasing at the AACC in Booth 2431. Press inquiries are welcome, for more information; please contact Evergreen Partners (press agent for DRG International) at (908) 322-1100.


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