Newswise — CHASKA, MN . . September 23, 2016. . Paul Magnotto, Founder & CEO of DFI, and Krisda Monthienvichienchai, Mitr Phol Group Chief Executive Officer jointly announced today that both companies had reached a strategic investment and partnership agreement to expand production of natural sweeteners that offer distinct health benefits and superior taste compared to existing low calorie sweeteners.

Magnotto said, “We are very excited about this partnership and Mitr Phol’s investment. It will allow us to significantly expand our innovative, patented, electrochemistry platform to transform common sugars into low calorie products found in nature, without compromising taste. Our ingredients contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, fillers, or preservatives. It will allow us to bring scientifically-validated, ‘better for you’ natural sweeteners to consumers around the world who are looking for ways to eat healthier capitalizing on the global trend away from artificial sweeteners to natural sweeteners.

“Importantly, this joint venture partnership will provide access to the world's largest market while leveraging a well-established customer base and technical prowess for factories in Asia.”

According to Mitr Phol Group CEO, Krisda Monthienvichienchai, “Mitr Phol is very pleased to be investing in DFI. DFI’s technology and people are highly innovative and world class. We look forward to building production plants in Thailand in the near future and it is important to note that erythritol and xylitol will use both sugarcane and cassava grown in Thailand. In addition, these two natural and bio-based products fit well as complementary sweetener products for our existing customers and markets.”

Richard Bellas, DFI’s Chief Commercial Officer, and a 22 veteran of PepsiCo said, “Consumers are demanding natural products and health is a big concern globally. The rate of diabetes and dental issues are also rising. There is a well-established body of science demonstrating that erythritol & xylitol are the natural sweeteners of choice that has the taste consumers are looking for without the aftertaste and other health concerns artificial sweeteners present today. Many large food and beverage producers have already launched 100’s of new products globally using these two sweeteners. The new global partnership will be reaching out to consumers, food & beverage producers and others looking to expand the use of these products and new products in others areas.

“While Erythritol and Xylitol are currently sold in natural food stores, this partnership with MP could reach into the 100’s of millions of Asian homes with a tabletop portfolio, too. DFI has the vision to bring to market a broad range of products that meet consumer demands for taste while offering medically important health benefits in the most environmentally responsible ways. DFI’s patented technologies break new ground that will allow economic efficiencies to deliver products that already have enormous consumer acceptance.

“In addition, we believe this partnership will be developing ingredients that can be used to reduce antibiotic uses in animal feed. Additional products using the technology will produce Xylitol, other renewable consumer household products and renewable chemicals such as ones used to produce renewable based plastics,” he said.

Currently, Erythritol and Xylitol account for approximately 4.5% of the total polyol (sugar alcohol) market, or .0385% of the total world sweetener market.

DFI’s pilot facility, built at Electrosynthesis Company in Lancaster, NY, has now been operating efficiently for nearly two years. Engineering work is underway on DFI’s first full-scale production facility to be named soon.

DFI uses an innovative electrochemical process to transform common sugars into healthy and sustainable products found in nature, but that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Specifically, DFI has discovered a breakthrough process for the production of erythritol, methionine and formic acid. For more information, please visit our website: www.dficorp.comAbout Mitr Phol Group

Mitr Phol Group was initially established in 1956 in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. The company applies innovation and technology to develop its business from sugar to renewable energy, wood substitute materials, and Bio-based products. In present, the Group has expanded its business into the People’s Republic of China, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Australia.

Throughout the establishment of the company, Mitr Phol Group has operated its business under the philosophy that our operations must be socially responsible. The company must be a role model organization which operates its business in adherence to ethics and good governance, along with a sense of responsibility towards sustainable social development and environmental preservation.

Today, Mitr Phol Group is recognized as the world’s 5th largest and Thailand’s largest sugar producer, Asia’s largest bio-mass power producer, Asia’s largest bio-ethanol producer and Thailand’s leading premium wood-substitute materials manufacturer.