Newswise — DENVER, CO . . August 23, 2015. . Paul Magnotto, Founder & CEO of DFI, announced today that its pilot plant near Buffalo, NY, has exceeded all engineering and operating objectives for producing 50,000 metric tons per year of erythritol, methionine and formic acid.

Magnotto said, “Our patented break-through electrochemical technology, which has been operating for two years, is producing the highest quality products, using the highest efficiency and effective process. Moreover, this proprietary technology produces co-products, such as formic acid that has confirmed marketplace value. It is a process based on well-proven and understood technology that dramatically increases output and reduces processing and production time. It is a real game changer for the category.

“Our goal is to use our disruptive, green, sustainable technology, discovered at Purdue University, to grow these categories. A full scale plant is currently being engineered and DFI is securing partners for the plant.“The epidemics of obesity and diabetes are driving food and beverage manufacturers to seek great tasting and zero calorie solutions to replace existing artificial sweeteners. Consumers are more aware of what they eat and drink and are paying premiums for healthy ingredients in the foods they are purchasing.” he said.DFI’s erythritol is:• The only non-caloric sweetener that exists in nature • Naturally produced in the human body• Contains zero calories (EU and Japan; 0.2 per gram in US)• Makes high intensity sweeteners better (better blending base)• It is safe for people with diabetes or who have pre-diabetic risk factors• Fights cavities in young children• Is FDA GRAS• Contains no transgenic material

DFI’s methionine (essential amino acid) and formic acid businesses:• Will aid ranchers and poultry producers to reduce antibiotic use. DFI’s co-product, formic acid, is widely used in similar applications in Europe• Will help meet growing demands from agricultural producers who are actively seeking non- petroleum based products. • Will be the only plant-based formic acid facility in the world• Will support global protein production to follow global protein consumption. The fastest growing segments of the protein industry are poultry and aqua, due to their production efficiency and accessible price points. Growth of these segments will consequently drive the consumption of amino acids, particularly methionine.

DFI’s electrochemical technology has the ability to produce • New bio-plastic materials that are recognized by consumers for their green and sustainable characteristics• The bio-plastic feedstock will have the capability to replace petroleum based products thereby helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and their negative impacts on climate change.

DFI uses an innovative electrochemical process to transform common sugars into healthy and sustainable products found in nature, but that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Specifically, DFI has discovered a breakthrough process for the production of erythritol, methionine and formic acid. For more information, please visit our website: