Newswise — Washington, DC—On August 6th, the Endocrine Society will launch its new global outreach campaign, EndoCares, at the Peruvian Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Lima, Peru. The two-day program will include a session to educate healthcare providers on diabetes care, a one-day congress for patients with Type 2 diabetes and a Type 1 diabetes-focused workshop for children and adolescents.

EndoCares was developed to provide medical resources, coaching and education to patients suffering from endocrine-related conditions in underserved areas of the world. In addition, the campaign aims to foster the next generation of endocrinologists and healthcare providers by creating opportunities to further their education and professional network.

“Diabetes cases are on the rise in Peru, and the Society has the expertise and resources to help educate and empower both patients with diabetes and the local healthcare providers in charge of their treatment,” said Lisa H. Fish, MD, immediate Past President of the Endocrine Society. “I am very excited for this opportunity to meet patients, their families and healthcare providers to answer their questions and ensure they all have access to the best science-based resources available.”

Fish and other experts will engage with healthcare providers in the community and educate them on the latest advancements in diabetes care. Patients and their families attending the EndoCares events will learn about the rights of patients, how to make the most of their appointment with their healthcare provider, and how to develop effective teamwork with their caregiver.

This year, EndoCares is being carried out through strategic partnerships with the Sociedad Peruana de Endocrinologia, Asociacion de Diabetes del Peru, and Liga Peruana de Lucha Contra la Diabetes, and thanks to the support of Sanofi Peru. Registration for the event in Peru is free, but attendees must sign up by contacting the Sociedad Peruana de Endocrinologia at [email protected] An agenda for the program as well as additional information on the EndoCares campaign is available online.

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