Newswise — Warwick Acoustics Ltd, a spin-out company from the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering, is a manufacturer of next generation audio systems for the automotive sector and personal use, and thanks to a grant from Innovate UK, will support development of a lower cost version of its patented ElectroAcoustics Audio Panels for next generation vehicles.

The £370,000 grant awarded to Warwick Acoustics and the University of Warwick, will support a £500,000 research and development program into new materials, designs and processes that will significantly reduce the cost of Warwick Acoustics’ existing premium ElectroAcoustic Panels.

ElectroAcoustic Panels (EAPs) are a new category of audio system designed in particular for the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. EAP's offer significant benefits in cabin design, weight, and power consumption over traditional audio systems saving up to 75% of both system weight and power consumption on a like-for-like basis.

As the entertainment system accounts for a significant amount of the power consumed by a car, these benefits translate into material increases in the range - and reductions in required battery capacity - of Electric Vehicles.

Commenting on the award, Warwick Acoustics' CEO Dr Mike Grant said:
“To address our climate change crisis, Governments around the world are mandating that the automotive industry produces cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Yet the high cost and limited range of electric vehicles remains a major barrier to consumers making the switch to electric.

“We have seen an incredible amount of interest in our ElectroAcoustic audio solutions over the last 6 months as car manufacturers seek to reduce costs and increase vehicle range.

“This grant will help Warwick Acoustics accelerate the wider availability of lower-cost and longer-range electric vehicles, while at the same time providing customers with the world class, acoustic experiences that we already deliver to our customers globally through our multi-award-winning headphone systems.”


About Warwick Acoustics Ltd

Designed To Amaze

Warwick Acoustics Ltd is a UK-based audio technology business focused on creating remarkable listening experiences in automotive and personal audio. Having already delivered two multi-award-winning headphone systems, the company is developing a new category of audio system for next generation vehicles based on its patented electrostatic transducer technology.

Our ground-breaking audio systems breathe fresh life into the music that moves you. They offer a listening experience that’s as immersive as it is intimate, as thrilling as it is authentic.

We believe in designing products from the ground up in order to deliver the best audio listening experience available to our customers, whilst ensuring our systems meet the challenge of climate change through light-weighting, power efficiency, and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.


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* University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a public research University in the West Midlands. Warwick Acoustics was originally formed as a spin-out company by Dr. Billson and Professor Hutchins of the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, exploiting their expertise in acoustic transducers. With this grant, this expertise continues to be used to assist in developing Warwick Acoustics' technology.