Newswise — Eppendorf is introducing not one, but two new centrifuges: the smaller benchtop centrifuges with up to 24 spaces herald a new era, while Eppendorf is simultaneously expanding the product range of its large refrigerated benchtop centrifuges with a particularly versatile, high-capacity variant.  

The new Centrifuge 5425 holds up to 24 vessels with a volume of 1.5 or 2.0 mL. A new swing-out rotor for 96 PCR Tubes broadens the spectrum of molecular applications. Harvesting bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells is facilitated by a new fixed-angle rotor for 5 mL Tubes. The Centrifuge 5425 replaces the Centrifuge 5424; it scores with a whole string of improvements, the highlights of which include the rotor lids with Eppendorf QuickLock(R) seals for quick and easy handling.

The new Centrifuge 5910 R convinces by virtue of its versatility and capacity. Cell harvests carried out in bottles up to 750 mL, large scale purification of DNA/RNA as well as Ficoll(R) gradients are just a few examples of the many areas of application that are served by this new centrifuge. The new universal adapters facilitate even quicker loading; using these new adapters, conical vessels of up to 50 mL, plates and 250 mL bottles may be centrifuged for the very first time without the need for changing the rotor, the rotor buckets or the adapters.

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