Newswise — With the recent news of the pedestrian bridge collapse near Florida International University in Miami, Dr. Igor Belykh, professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgia State University, is available to discuss how to build safer pedestrian bridges.

Dr. Belykh studies resonant vibrations of pedestrian and suspension bridges. His research, funded by the National Science Foundation, focuses on mathematical modeling of dangerous vibrations caused by collective behavior of pedestrians or wind-induced oscillations of load-bearing elements of bridges. His work could be used as a safety guideline for designing pedestrian bridges or limiting the maximum occupancy of an existing bridge. He hopes to one day make these models available to bridge engineers through software programs.

Here’s a press release about his latest research paper:

Also, this feature story explains his research:

Dr. Belykh is available for interviews and can be reached by cell phone at 770-310-2481 or via Skype at igorbelykh. For more information about his background, visit the link to his faculty page: