Michael J. Kelly, JD, LLM, is joint author of the 2007 Report on the Resolution of Outstanding Property Claims Between Cuba and the United States. He is a professor of law at Creighton University and has written widely on Cuba, international law, and corporate liability in a government context.

From Prof. Kelly: "The announcement isn’t about Cuba so much as it’s about Venezuela and Cuba’s support for Maduro. President Trump is punishing them for that. But this tactic will ultimately backfire because foreign business that might be targeted by members of the Cuban-American community with lawsuits in order to receive some compensation for use of their properties will begin taking measures to protect themselves – which may include relocating their assets from the U.S. As a bellwether, watch what the Spanish hotel chain Melia does – they are heavily invested in Cuba." 

"Secondarily, this may be a way for Trump to shore up support in the Cuban-American community ahead of next year’s presidential election."

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