Newswise — Last week it was reported that the National Institutes of Health abruptly halted part of a major study on diabetes and heart disease following an unexpected number deaths among patient enrollees. The study, which aimed at reducing blood sugar to normal levels in type 2 diabetics. The study included patients that were at especially high risk of heart attack and stroke, resulting in 257 deaths (as compared with 203 in the standard treatment group). Perhaps more alarming than the number of reported deaths: the NIH's National Heart Lung and Blood Institute stressed they were unable to link the increased number of deaths in the survey to any drug, including Avandia.

"It is imperative for diabetic patients to take their condition seriously when it comes to controlling their glucose levels," says Richard M. Goldfarb, MD and medical director of the Buck County Clinical Research Center. "Everyone knows a diabetic or has diabetic brother, boyfriend, uncle, or mother who eats that piece of chocolate cake first and pops a pill second. The tragic derailment of the NIH study serves as a wake-up call. The aborted study not only underscores the seriousness of diabetics adhering to their medication regimens but the importance of patients better monitoring their dietary intake. More and more, that includes adding natural nutritional supplements to their diets."

One of nutritional supplements studied at the Bucks County Clinical Research Center is based upon the principle that cinnamon can help regulate glucose levels. Cinnergenâ„¢, a non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement promotes healthy glucose metabolism and is clinically proven to decrease the symptoms that commonly accompany elevated blood sugar. Upon completion of a randomized, double blind, Phase I clinical study to determine the efficacy of Cinnergen, results showed a positive effect on its ability to lower blood sugar in Type II diabetes. During the clinical study, 48% of patients using Cinnergen experienced a decrease in their blood sugar in the first seven days with an average drop of 12%. At the completion of the study, 52% of patients using Cinnergen displayed a decrease in their overall blood sugar level with an average drop of 17%.

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Biography on Expert Dr. Richard M. Goldfarb was awarded a distinguished honor of academic excellence by becoming a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, after completing his board certification in Surgery. Dr. Goldfarb received his BA from George Washington University. He then proceeded to medical school, graduating with honors from University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School. In addition to practicing clinical surgery for over twenty years, he serves as Medical Director for Bucks County Clinical Research, an FDA-approved facility, performing human clinical trials for several major pharmaceutical and nutritional companies worldwide. Dr. Goldfarb continues to clinically study new and innovative products and brings a wealth of knowledge to the board of directors of, Inc. through his extensive medical and business background.

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