New Brunswick, N.J. (September 18, 2019) – Rutgers scholar Stuart Shapiro, an expert on federal and state regulating powers, can comment on the Trump administration’s plans to revoke California’s federal waiver for setting its own tailpipe-emissions rules, expected to be announced today.

Shapiro said, “The Trump Administration EPA is today moving to revoke California's waiver, granted in 2013, to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions from cars.  Such a waiver has never before been revoked. This unprecedented action is a part of the Trump administration's attempt to roll back all efforts by the Obama administration to confront climate change via regulation.  The revocation is certain to be challenged in court and, ultimately, will likely end up before the Supreme Court.”

Shapiro is a professor and associate dean of faculty at Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Public Policy. He is a former policy analyst at the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), and previously worked at the Office of Management and Budget under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

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