Mississippi State UniversityEXPERT PROFILE: Dr. Farshid VahedifardAssistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

[email protected]Office – (662) 325-0902

Dr. Vahedifard is available to discuss infrastructure vulnerabilities related to the current events with the California dam system. A Mississippi State University assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in the Bagley College of Engineering, Vahedifard has had letters published in Science magazine regarding infrastructure issues. Vahedifard and his colleagues assert that multiple hazards, including high temperatures, high levels of air moisture and other natural conditions, lead to infrastructure vulnerabilities. Vahedifard also notes that urban development and other anthropogenic activities also may intensify the impact of natural hazards on infrastructure and increase the likelihood of substantial damage during climatic events.

Education:Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 2011Graduate Certificate, Geographical Information Science (GIS), University of Delaware, 2011MCE, Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 2009M.Sc., Civil Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2005B.Sc., Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, 2001