Ram Durairajan
Assistant Professor, Computer Science University of Oregon

Computer scientist Ram Durairajan can speak to the impact of natural hazards, such as rising sea levels, on internet infrastructure. His research works on enhancing the robustness of critical cyberinfrastructures both against intrinsic threads, like network attacks, and extrinsic attacks, such as natural hazards and climate change risks. In 2018, he led the first risk assessment of climate change to the internet, which found that sea level rise can have other factors — a tsunami, a hurricane, coastal subduction zone earthquakes — all of which could provide additional stresses that could be catastrophic to infrastructure already at risk. By 2033, the study also found, that more than 1,100 internet traffic hubs, most notably New York City and Miami, will be surrounded by water, which would potentially disrupt global communications.

Website: http://ix.cs.uoregon.edu/~ram/

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