Newswise — As you know, today's Giving Tuesday. Stephen Post, an bioethicist at Stony Brook University who studies the relationship between giving and happiness, is available for expert commentary and shares the following: 

"The single behavior action that contributed most to happiness and health is a small act of kindness. And yes, even making a donation, if well motivated, achieves these benefits. Those who volunteer just a couple of hours a week have big benefits: a national survey of adults indicated the 96 % felt happier, 68% felt physically healthier, 92% enriched sense of purpose in life, 89% improved well-being, 73% lowers stress levels, 77% improves emotional health, 78% helps with loss and disappointment.  Also report less trouble sleeping, better friendships, more hopeful, and sense of control over chronic conditions. Also, 25% of volunteers did so through the workplace, and business improves as they are more engaged and more proud of their companies."

If needed, Stony Brook University has access to a ReadyCam television studio system that provides remote access to television networks. 


About Stephen Post
Stephen Post is a bioethicist who has studied the relationship between altruism, compassion, happiness, healing and health to conclude that giving can lead to a happier, longer life. He is a pioneer in publishing works regarding ethical aspects of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, an important but neglected issue of the aging population. He is the Founding Director of The Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics center at Stony Brook University.