Newswise — Phase I reporting for Open Payments ended on March 31st, and companies are now actively preparing for the Phase II reporting deadline, which is expected to commence in May or June. With just weeks to prepare for the next submission deadline, this workshop will offer timely expert advice and tools on how to best manage and monitor reportable data.

Shrujal K. Patel, Director at Huron Consulting, Michaeline Daboul, President and CEO of MMIS, and Tim Robinson, Esq. General Counsel of MMIS join forces to provide insight on the important role data validation and certification play in ensuring full compliance with the national disclosure program, Open Payments. Workshop A- Data Validation and Certification Workflow-Using Analytics to Ensure Accurate Reporting will take place from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm on April 23rd at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego California during the West Coast Fifth Annual Forum on Transparency and Aggregate Spend.

“Every one of our clients’ Phase I reports were validated and approved by CMS,” states Daboul. “We’ve created a suite of products to enable companies to aggregate and mange reportable data, and our software solutions are proven successful. This workshop is a perfect opportunity for us to share vital case studies and to encourage companies to implement organizational processes, such as certification and approval workflows, in order to verify the accuracy of Phase II reports.”

Life science companies need a well-documented certification and approval process to be able to validate the quality and accuracy of their data. Taking this step shows they have made a “good faith effort” to ensure complete transparency. In fact, the Federal government does not intend to levy civil monetary penalties to companies that correct errors during the correction and dispute resolution periods, provided the original submission was made in good faith. “This is the time when companies need the reassurance that their Phase II reports are fully compliant. With our guidance and expertise, we are confident we can help make the reporting process easier and more efficient,” states Daboul.

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About MMIS, Inc. MMIS is a global technology company providing compliance and business intelligence solutions for the life science industry. The MediSpend® Global Compliance SaaS solution was developed using a proprietary rules-based system with tremendous flexibility and update speed. MediSpend® solves the need for companies to aggregate spend tracking and reporting. MediSpend® incorporates master data management (MDM) with a workflow designed to automate data entry from enterprise source systems and transforms data into reports required for state, federal and global jurisdictions.

MediSpend® Data Analytics is a cloud-based software solution that uses behavioral data analytics to help life science executives make informed business decisions. MediSpend® Data Analytics enables its customers to capture rich data about their company’s behavior with the healthcare community turning market and aggregate spend data into actionable, business insights.

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Developed by attorneys and IT specialists with over 25 years of experience in healthcare compliance, the MediSpend® Global Compliance solution represents the first end-to-end compliance and data analytics SaaS solution designed specifically to help life science executives make better-informed business decisions while ensuring compliance with global transparency laws.

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