Experts Available: Nobel Prize in Physics – Discovery, Impacts, and History

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Audio Commentary by AIP’s H. Frederick Dylla and Greg Good

Newswise — The Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced Tuesday, October 4. The prize is given for the most groundbreaking and influential research. Its history chronicles many of the discoveries that underpin not only modern technology, but also our understanding of the Universe and our place in the cosmos. To discuss in advance of this year’s announcement, the impact of the prizes and to help explain the scientific significance and societal implications of the Nobel in Physics, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) provides the following experts:

• H. Frederick Dylla is the executive director of the American Institute of Physics. Dr. Dylla is able to comment on the importance of scientific discovery in general and the influence of the Nobel Prize on the scientific community and the general public. [Download Audio Commentary on Nobel by Dr. Dylla]

• Greg Good is the director of the American Institute of Physics’ Center on the History of Physics. Dr. Good has written widely about the history and personalities at the heart of 20th and 21st century physics, including many of the Nobel Prize laureates. [Download Audio Commentary on History of Nobel by Dr. Good]

Journalists are welcome to use AIP’s W.F. Meggers Gallery of Nobel Laureates, which contains a collection of all the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics up to 2010, as well as physicists who have received a Nobel Prize in other areas (e.g. Chemistry or Peace).

Gallery: Use Policy:

Additional information will also be made available by AIP the day of the announcement.

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