Newswise — President Donald Trump has made no secret of his choice for the next governor of Louisiana – Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.

But Brian Brox, an associate professor of political science at Tulane University, says that while Trump has a high approval rating in Louisiana, Rispone winning the governor’s seat is far from a given.

“Gov. (John Bel) Edwards certainly has a good, though not overwhelming, chance to win,” Brox said.

“Incumbents are generally hard to beat and Edwards is a moderate to conservative Democrat — the only kind of Democrat that has a shot at winning statewide in the South.”

Still, through his commercials and visits to Louisiana to stump for Rispone, Trump is doing everything in his power to persuade voters to kick Edwards out of office. Brox said the president’s involvement should come as no surprise, considering how complimentary Rispone has been to him.

"Rispone has strongly embraced Trump so Trump is likely flattered and happy to return the favor,” Brox said.

Brox said the keys to Edwards winning a second term are high voter turnout among major Democratic constituencies, especially in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and heavy turnout among African-American voters statewide.

Election Day is Nov. 16.

Brox is an expert in American government, political parties, campaigns and elections, and political behavior. He is available to speak about all aspects of the Louisiana governor's race. For interviews, contact Barri Bronston at [email protected] or 504-314-7444.