Did you know stress can impact skin, hair and nail conditions? While stress can’t be completely removed from our lives, board-certified dermatologist Keira Barr MD, FAAD can recommend mind body practices, also known as stress management techniques, to help control stress and combat the negative effects it has on your body.

Stress can affect people in several ways, from speeding up the aging process to contributing to hair loss. To reduce stress, Dr. Barr recommends mind body practices alongside other treatments. Examples of common mind body practices include:

  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Visualization
  • Yoga

I would be happy to connect you with Dr. Barr, who can speak at length about the negative effects stress can have on your skin, hair and nails and how mind body practices can help.


For more information, visit the AAD website.


Dr. Barr is attending the 2022 Innovation Academy in Vancouver, BC, but she will be available for interviews.