Engineered polymer and cellulose fibers are the backbone of many high performing testing platforms including:

  • Rapid tests using urine or saliva samples
  • Color change tests
  • Assays requiring customized surface energy
  • Recovery of analytes in drug-of-abuse testing

Whether you need wicking, absorption, fast or controlled release, or other capabilities, Porex has the materials and customization capabilities you need.


About POREX Corporation

Founded in 1961 and based in Fairburn, GA, POREX is a pioneer and global leader in the development and manufacturing of sintered porous plastic products. POREX products serve filtration, venting, wicking, and diffusing functions in applications such as medical devices, electronics, laboratory products, and a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. 


POREX is widely recognized for its materials science expertise and proprietary designs which serve over 1,300 customers across more than 65 countries via operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Constant innovation, outstanding technological resources, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service distinguish Porex products as the standard of performance. For more information about POREX Corporation, visit

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