Newswise — Although KJ Upshaw’s official job title at Cincinnati Children’s is floor tech in Environmental Services, he refers to himself simply as the housekeeper. For two little boys in the medical center’s Bone Marrow Transplant unit, KJ is much more. He’s a cherished friend who helped make their lives in the hospital brighter and more fulfilling.

It started one day as KJ worked to make sure the 82 inpatient rooms he tends to on the cancer unit meet the very high housekeeping standards required for kids in isolation. KJ noticed that Cohen Bramlee and Keegan Adkins both played with Legos. When Cohen and Keegan wanted to play Legos together, although their rooms were next to each other the boys couldn’t because they’re in isolation to protect them from infection.

But KJ figured out a way Cohen and Keegan could play Legos together, while still apart in their respective rooms. Find out how in the accompanying video, which showcases how sometimes healthcare heroes can come from unexpected places.

Now the boys have become friends who will hopefully get the chance to play together when they both get out of the hospital. 

KJ’s dedication to helping these children is a shining of example how all Cincinnati Children’s employees work to treat the entire child — body, mind and spirit.