New York USA. Finger Lakes Instrumentation is pleased to introduce the Kepler KL400 cooled sCMOS camera; ideal for hyper-spectral imaging, orbital debris detection, super resolution microscopy, astronomy, and quantum imaging.

The KL400 offers a rare combination of imaging attributes including high quantum efficiency (QE), ultra-low read noise, deep sensor cooling and fast frame rates. The result is an ultra-sensitive sCMOS camera capable of capturing high dynamic range images in a single shot.

All Kepler cameras are supported by a robust SDK (Windows, LINUX) free of charge. Also included is FLI Pilot software. MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, and μManager are fully supported. Input-output TTL signals via an eight pin AUX port are provided making it easy to synchronize the camera’s operation with external events or light sources.

• 95% QE (80% QE in UV

• 1.5 e- read noise

• 89,000 e- full well

• 48 fps (24 fps HD mode)

• USB 3.0 and QSFP Fiber (optional)

• Mechanical shutter available

• 50 Deg C active sensor cooling

• AUX port (synchronization)

• Optional QSFP for highest data rates

• Optional mechanical shutter

The KL400 will soon be followed by the KL4040 16.8 MP large format camera. For more information on FLI products, please visit

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