Newswise — What has contributed to the historic flooding in Louisiana? Dr. J. David Rogers, an expert in evaluating the stability of embankments and stream channels and the lead researcher on a paper about Hurricane Katrina, is available to discuss the floods in Louisiana.

Rogers, the Karl F. Hasselmann Missouri Chair in geological engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, was the lead researcher on a paper published last year in Water Policy law journal titled “Interaction between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Orleans Levee Board preceding the drainage canal wall failures and catastrophic flooding of New Orleans in 2005.”

His 1992 article on the Reassessment of the St. Francis Dam Failure published by the Association of Engineering Geologists was recognized for the Rock Mechanics Award of the U.S. National Committee on Rock Mechanics and the E.B. Burwell, Jr. Award of the Geological Society of America. After publishing "A Man, a Dam and a Disaster " in 1995, his contributions to the emerging field of geoforensics were recognized by the 1996 R.H. Jahns Distinguished Lectureship in Engineering Geology Award jointly sponsored by the Association of Engineering Geologists and Geological Society of America. In 1998 he was named to the Society of Sigma Xi College of Distinguished Lecturers for the term 1999-2001. In 1994 his design of a reinforced rock cliff face on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco was recognized with the Distinguished Project Award of the Northern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

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