Shem Malmquist is a visiting professor at Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) College of Aeronautics, an active B-777 captain and an expert on aviation safety. A noted accident-investigation expert, Malmquist says he still has questions for the FAA about the just-announced ungrounding--and says he remains concerned that all of the problems that led to the high-profile crashes that grounded the 737 MAX may not have been addressed. 

Malmquist, who teaches advanced aircraft operations at Florida Tech, co-authored a new book on aviation safety and accident prevention. He says his concerns center around the fact that “there are some scenarios where the same type of accident could occur again despite the recent changes that have been implemented.” As part of his research for the new book, Malmquist reached out for information to determine if the changes to the 737 MAX were sufficient. “To date no one working at Boeing or the FAA on the upgraded MAX and its recertification has been able to answer our key questions fundamental to flight safety,” he says.  

“While some airlines begin the process of camouflaging the identity of their Boeing 737 MAX jets, passengers want to know if they can board this ungrounded plane with confidence,” Malmquist says. “Our answer after writing a book on this subject and the future of aviation safety is that we don’t know.” 

Shem Malmquist is available to weigh in on this developing story and can offer specific thoughts and insights on both problems and safety measures regarding this previously troubled airplane.