Newswise — Opportunities to collaborate with international composers and perform in new venues are awaiting South Dakota State University assistant professor Tammy Yonce during Christmas break—in Israel. The flutist will participate in the 2017 Inaugural Winter Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel, sponsored by the Jewish National Fund and Media Watch International. The fellowship covers airfare, room and board for the 11-day residency.

“Since my work focuses primarily on performance, I am always looking for opportunities to perform and to broaden the scope of my work,” Yonce said. “This is an opportunity to collaborate with people in another part of the world.”

Yonce will leaves for Israel Dec. 27. While there, she will collaborate with flutists and composers from around the world and learn about how flute is taught in Israel. She also hopes to establish ongoing partnerships with composers to generate new flute pieces.

“Fellowships through this program are time-honored, competitive and not easy to come by,” said David Reynolds, director of the SDSU School of Performing Arts. “I am proud of Dr. Yonce for being selected; this is certainly a feather in SDSU’s cap!”

Yonce said, “This experience will affect almost everything that I teach here.” She plans to use the pedagogical ideas and the music she brings back with her flute students.

In addition, Yonce teaches World Music and an honors colloquium that focuses on global studies. “It’s perfect—and really good timing because my honors class is in the spring,” she explained. She will visit historical sites and become acquainted with the people and culture of Israel.

Furthermore, the fellowship program involves faculty from different disciplines. “It’s not just musicians—that gives you another perspective,” Yonce said. “I am looking forward to that interaction as well.”