• AI is coming to law, with technology poised to disrupt the legal profession by applying machine learning to massive legal datasets
  • France recently banned statistical analysis of judges behavior in an attempt to fight back the tide
  • In a recent book from SFI Press, editors Michael A. Livermore and Daniel N. Rockmore collect essays from leading law scholars, machine learning experts, and social scientists applying cutting edge analytic tools to legal data – giving a glimpse of how AI will reshape the law


“AI will transform law. The decisions we make today will determine whether that will be for good or ill.” – Michael A. Livermore, University of Virginia

 “There are real concerns that predictive analytics will be used to entrench existing biases rather than promote justice. Researchers and policy makers have to get serious about addressing this challenge head-on.” – Daniel N. Rockmore, Dartmouth College and Santa Fe Institute

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